Military Grade DC/AC "Stand-By" Inverter

Military Grade DC/AC


19” Rack , Pure Sine-Wave “24 Vdc” Input “115 Vac / 60 Hz” Output


Especially suitable for “NAVAL” use, with “IP-20” protection class, salt spray protection. Made to comply with stringent Military Specifications especially MIL-STD 1399 300A, MIL-STD 461E EMI/RFI and Electrical Transients. Unit is convection cooled.

ELSIS Co. Inc. established in 1971 is a “ISO-9001:2000” certified company by accredited Dutch Certification Company “KEMA” since 1999.

Main Technical Specifications of “28 Vdc / 115 Vac - 60 Hz” Inverter:


Brand / Model ELSİS; “ELS-0K4-INV”
Manufacturer ELSİS A.S.
Output Power 500 VA / 400 W (under linear load)
Input Voltage Range 18 – 33 Vdc
Ripple Reflected to Input Less than 200 mV rms
DC Input Compatibility MIL-STD-1275B
Noise Reflected to Input Less than 500 mV (pp) under full load
No-Load Power Dissipation Less than 35 W
Input Protection Electronic shut-off when input voltage is out of operation range and effective fuse protection against reverse battery connection
Output Voltage Stability 115 Vac; +/-1% (can be tailored to customer request)
Output Frequency and Stability 60 Hz; +/-0,5% (can be tailored to customer request)
Output Power Factor 0,8
Output Wave Form Sinusoidal
Output THD Better than 3%
Crest Factor Higher than 3:1
Allowable Over-Load Up to 750 VA, for 2 seconds
DC Content On Output Less than 100 mV
Output Protection and Current Limiting Full and continuous electronic protection against over-load and short-circuit (current limiting without distorting the output wave form); in addition Thermal-Magnetic circuit-breaker
Efficiency Above 80% under 50% to 100% linear load
Electromagnetic Compatibility MIL-STD-461F, CE101, CE102, RE101, RE102, CS101, CS106, CS114, CS115,CS116, RS101, RS103
Static “By-Pass” Normally load is on external source when voltage is within allowed limits; otherwise automatically transferred to Inverter output
Duration of Operation Continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Weight 11 kg (apprx. 20 lb)
Cooling Natural convection cooling
Mechanical Units Metric (can be modified to customer request)
Dimensions W: 430 mm; H: 80 mm; D: 365 mm
Front Panel Controls, Indicators and Rear Panel Connections Separate T/M Switches for AC and DC Inputs; similar switch for AC Output, “LED” indicators on the front; “MS-3102” circular connectors and passive fuse on the rear panel
Operation Ambient Temperature Between -32o C and +55o C
Storage Ambient Temperature Between –40o C and +80o C
Salt and Mist MIL-STD-810E Method 509.3, 48 hours mist and 48 hours dry time
Mechanical Choke MIL-STD-810E
Vibration MIL-STD-810E, Category 8, Military Land Vehicle
Acoustical Noise Less than 50 dB(A)
Operation Altitude 2000 m; above 2000 m according to degradation curve
Relative Humidity Up to 90% (without condensation)
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